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I’m not gonna turn this into a rant like I intended, this is just a simple observation & some food for thought.

I’ve never seen a Romney/Ryan supporter threaten an Obama supporter, but I have seen plenty of Obama supporters threaten Romney/Ryan supporters. Doesn’t that show you something??? Just think about it. Really let it marinate. 

10.24.12 ♥ 29

I love the poopy outta my hubby <3

Hubby: I love you
Me: I was just thinking about you.
Hubby: Lol that's funny
Me: Then again there's never a moment in a day when I'm not thinking about you.
Hubby: Aw love you so sweet I miss you like crazy.
Me: I know gah :3 I wish I could wake up one morning and see your handsome face staring at me... b/c you're a creeper and you like to stare.
Hubby: lol that i do but that's only because I'm fascinated by your beauty.
Me: OMG I'm smiling hella hard right now. lol that was the cutest most sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Hubby: You really are beautiful though.
Me: Thank you baby & you're very handsome. :) I love you so so so much.
08.15.11 ♥ 1

I miss my hubby <3 

08.14.11 ♥ 3

I wish I could relive the last kiss Ryan & I shared.

He came by at 6 in the morning on his way to work. I was moving to New York that afternoon so it would be the last time we saw each other for a few months. I wrote a letter to him & gave him my only copy of a picture of us from when we first met over 7 years ago. He held me so close & kissed me so passionately. I was crying so hard. It was just a mix of emotions. As I watched him drive off I broke down. 

If I had any doubts that the distance between us would break us I would never have chosen to move to NY for school. If I didn’t think that our situation wouldn’t work out for the best I never would have made this decision. If I didn’t know that he loves me as much as I need him to love me I wouldn’t be putting myself through this. Love can conquer distance as long as it’s true. & I know that what Ryan & I have is true.

08.14.11 ♥ 2