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#marchphotoaday #challenges [Day 14. Clouds] there wasn’t a cloud in the sky today!!! 😌☀ (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday #challenges [day 13. a sign] Welcome to Hollygrove (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday #challenges [Day 12. Fork] (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday [Day 11. Someone you talked to today] one of my besties Elyssa!!! ❤💜☺ (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday [Day o9. Red] (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday [Day o8. A window] I forgot to do it yesterday (Taken with instagram)

30 Day Letter Challenge

Day o8. A letter to a giant space robot

Dear Giant Space Robot,

You’re probably a cool dude, or hunk of machine. I bet you can shoot fire & dance. Do you fly around stars, shooting meteors and watch them explode? Do you melt if you’re too close to the sun? Who in the heck even created a Giant Space Robot… an even Gianter Space Robot perhaps? Do you fly faster than the speed of light? Well I guess the main question I want to ask you Giant Space Robot is… If a Robot does the Robot is it still called the robot or is it just dancing?


A Concerned Earthling

30 Day Letter Challenge

Day o7. A letter to a historical event

Dear Resurrection of Christ,

Thank you so much for dying for our sins, it’s the best gift anyone could ever give to a person & you gave it to the world. Past, present, & future. Because of you everyone has a chance at having an everlasting life in heaven. The physical pain you endured while dying on the cross is nothing compared to anything we would ever endure & I thank you for going through it. I Love you Jesus.


One of your children

#marchphotoaday [Day o7. Something You Wore] (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday [Day o6. 5PM] (Taken with instagram)

30 Day Letter Challenge

Day o6. A HEARTFELT letter to some food

Dear sweet delicious food,

Oh how I love thee. You fill up parts of my stomach nothing else can satisfy. You’re always so good to me & taste oh so yummy. I never have & never will let anyone come between us you are my one true soul mate. I can’t express how much I love you. I just wish I could love you all day w/o having to exercise afterwards but that’s the punishment I’m willing to take so I can indulge in your goodness everyday. I love that you change things up, you can be spicy, sweet, tart, salty, hot, cold, liquid, solid, & the list goes on and on. You always surprise me & keep me guessing. You’re always there to pick me up when I need you, especially after a bad breakup. This letter could go on for days but I think you get the point. I love you food!!!


Your favorite glutton

30 Day Letter Challenge

Day o5. A letter to a celebrity you want to kick in the face

Dear Lady GaGa,

You are a annoying cunt. I admit I used to love your music (Only your first album) when you were different but still normal & sane. But then you started doing more than THE MOST! Your voice got shittier as your costumes got crazier. I will never understand the hype over you. You’re like a wanna be Madonna & even Madonna sucks ass. Any who not that any of what I say matters you’re still richer than me but all the fame & money will only get you a seat in hell in the long run.


An annoyed used to be fan

#marchphotoaday [Day o5. A Smile] 😁 (Taken with instagram)

#marchphotoaday [Day o4. Bedside] I was too lazy to donut yesterday :) (Taken with instagram)

30 Day Letter Challenge

Day o4. A letter to someone you want to kick in the face expressing why you want to kick them in the face

Dear Ass Face,

Kicking you in the face wouldn’t suffice. Ripping your heart out with my bare hands & feeding it to a tiger would. But I guess my only option is to kick you in the face. I want to kick you in the face because after 8 years you still can’t be honest with me even though I’ve been nothing but honest with you from the beginning. In a way I’m over you and your bullshit because you’re not the right person for but in another way I’m not because I still haven’t had the closure & your honesty. But if I could kick you in the face I’d feel so much better. & while I’m at it can I kick your ugly hobbit looking girlfriend in the face too? Bitch looks like a troll. You’ll never do better than me & she’s proof of that. But I know for a fact that no matter how many people I date after you I will always do better.